Personalized Word Search Game

                You may have played in your local newspaper or a puzzle books "the circle or find a word" from a list of words among a jumble of letters. The words go up, down, across, and backward. The game by itself can be fun and amusing for all ages.

                The game can also be used as a learning tool if the list of names to find is a list of presidents, states, capitals of state, famous scientist, or other any facts, items that people or students might want to remember or memorize. The personalized list can be the names on your family tree or any list that is meaningful to you.

                If you would like to have a word jumble made from your list of words, then we can prepare such a Word Search Game for you. A normal word search can accommodate 20 - 30 different names (depending on their length). We will try to fit in as many of these names as possible into your Customized Word Search. We will NOT accept or assemble any Word Search's using off-color, obscene, or derogatory words or phrases. Our judgement will be final, and any money sent in will be returned.

Below are the prices for the preparation and return to you of your Personalized Word Search Game.




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Example of a Word Search



Print Out My List of Words Form of Words or Names for preparing a Personalized Word Search AND INCLUDE WITH YOUR ORDER.



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Mail List of Words, Order Form and your check for the quantity and Total Price (Ohio or Non-Ohio Amount) to:

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