I have over 4 years of Functional System Implementation experience in the Financial Area in the SAP System. I am proficient in using SAP's Report Painter to generate or extract customized reports and data (such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets, UCC Tax Calculations, and Tax Analysis) out of SAP's database. SAP's Report Painter functionality allows for the drill down into the transactions making up an account balance or subtotal on a report. A very useful feature in understanding data. I have also spent a considerable amount of effort in the Asset Manangement (AM) area of SAP and the Project area (PM) of SAP where Assets Under Construction are created and later graduate into the Asset Management region of SAP. Of course, after graduation as depreciating assets reporting of the Financial figures and several tax books (Regular, AMT, and ACE) require the creation and maintenance of SAP Sort Keys and reporting variants. I have experience in this complex arena. SAP is a state of the art integrated manufacturing system. Involved in the Fixed Asset, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Purchasing and Project Systems.

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