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Most accountants can effectively report the numbers. It is essential to have accurate information on which to base important decisions. My level of expertise has extended beyond the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. I have always thought of myself as a business person first and an accountant second. I have a broad background in all facets of financial accounting with a variety of manufacturing operations and products. I also have extensive functional experience in implementing (QAD, SAP, and Oracle) Systems and using accounting and information business systems. I am highly analytical and proficient in costing, financial reporting, strategic planning, asset management, internal control, policy development, tax management, and trend analysis.

I was the lead accounting member on a QAD implementation team, which involved the participation on a cross-functional team to reengineer the company and how it conducts business. I consulted with another company in the implementation of an Oracle general ledger and integrated manufacturing system. This involved the conversion into an Integrated Manufacturing System of 44 unique business units (with multiple plants) throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico to a Shared Service environment for a Fortune 100 client. These activities included discernment of current practices, development of world class practices and procedures, and the training of many individuals. I have a strong background in the automotive industry, and my consulting has provided insights into the quarry, pager, restaurant, real estate, and construction industries.


I have also an expertise with Microsoft Office and many other software products. In my career I have designed methods and procedures for determining and monitoring Labor Performance and Operational Performance on the factory floor.



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