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                In many of my initial meetings with individuals who are in the process of starting their first business, the conversation often takes the direction of what type of business entity should they adopt. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of entities, and what will be the reporting requirements for the type of business entity that they eventually adopt. After several of such meetings, I put together a small booklet for my new clients. This booklet has now grown to over 50 pages.

In it are covered a discussion of business entities from an accounting and tax requirement perspective and various governmental reporting requirements. This booklet changes on a regular basis as the business environment changes and I come across new client questions or general information that I feel can be of value to someone beginning a business.

Because of the topic, this booklet is not considered to be an all-inclusive source of information. You should and are encourage to consult your attorney on all legal topics and considerations. The booklet is designed to address accounting and financial reporting requirements. Also, since I am in Ohio, the State of Ohio reporting requirements are addressed and "other help" contact number listings are for Ohio. If you are outside of Ohio, then your state's reporting requirements will be different and you will have to find the equivalent contact numbers for your state.

Attached is the index of topics in my booklet. If you might have an interest in obtaining a copy, then please mail a check for $13.28 if you are an Ohio Resident or $12.50 if you are not an Ohio resident (as listed below) :

                                                                                                                             In Ohio                                 Outside Ohio

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                Starting a Business Booklet                                                               $10.00                                      $10.00

                Sales Tax                                                                                                    .78                                           ----

                Shipping and Handling                                                                           2.50                                         2.50

                                                                                                                                   ----------                                    -------

                Total Check Amount                                                                              $13.28                                      $12.50

                                                                                                                                   ======                                       ====

If you are not satisfied, then the booklet can be returned to me for a FULL refund within the first 30 days with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


                Mail a check for the appropriate amount to:


                                                Starting a Business Booklet

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